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I now christen thee… Chili’s!
30.Aug.07, 11:06 am
Filed under: My Munchkins

Josie is sick with a bad cough. Unfortunately, with her sensitive little tummy, that is causing her to gag and vomit.

She’d done really well Monday and Tuesday, so Tuesday night we decided to take Dale’s mom and step-dad out to dinner for his step-dad’s birthday. Bob turned 70 Tuesday. We got to the restaurant and everything was fine. We were visiting and sharing chips n salsa, Josie had her lemonade and was sitting by me, snuggling. The food arrived, and she suddenly had a coughing fit. It was so bad, she spewed lemonade ALL OVER the floor and the chairs. I jumped just in the nick of time. It seems like the lemonade was all that was in her stomach. She made it to the bathroom where she threw up again just inside the bathroom door. I felt so bad for her. I gathered her up, got our two meals boxed up and took her right home. She took some more cough syrup and went to bed early.

She’s not getting better now. In fact, she’s getting worse. Her doctor’s office can’t get her in until tomorrow morning. I hope I can find something that will help her. For now she’s snuggled up on the couch in her sleepy bag watching cartoons. I hope she feels better soon.


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