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Testing, testing 1-2-3
24.Sep.07, 13:04 pm
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12 years ago I was in no way prepared for college and wanted to enroll but not attend class. Therefore, I have a GPA of .676 on my transcript currently.

Now that I’m 30-years-old and have no degree, am now a single mother and in dire need of a career, I’m having to repent my past academic transgressions to the gods of grade forgiveness and have my USAO transcripts “renewed”.

What is this, you ask? After completing 12 credit hours at RSC, the Dean of Admissions will scrub all of my grades older than 5 years, so pretty much everything from USAO will be out of my GPA. It will remain on my transcript, but not be counted towards my GPA. This is a GOOD thing, as right now I’d be making a 4.0.

The only downside to this, I don’t get to keep the classes I actually passed. The only class I really would like to keep is English Comp I. I am good at Comp. I made a B in the class, and that’s after missing almost a month due to a car accident. So, tomorrow, I have a date with the RSC testing center to officially CLEP Comp. Luckily, this test covers I and II, so I will get 6 credit hours knocked out fo $80, in a single afternoon. I don’t get GPA credit for it, but I get the hours.

So my English Comp CLEP test tomorrow, a test in Intro to Law on Thursday, and a test in American Federal Government next Tuesday, followed by a take-home test due on Oct 17th from Educational Planning. My brain feels like jello just thinking about all of these coming up.

And what am I doing to prepare for these tests? Not looking at my books, that’s for sure. If I do, I will panic, and probably fail. The Law test is going to be definition only, and I am allowed to bring a half-sheet of paper with anything I want on it. I am printing my key terms and definitions in 4pt font and covering the entire half sheet. I know the definitions, that’s not a problem, I just need it for backup. As far as the Gov’t test – it’s open book. I have taken meticulous notes, and recorded the lectures, so I feel very confident on everything except which Constitutional section or amendment I will need to find what in.

Hopefully my brain will not turn to mush too quickly. I can get through this. Breathe in, breathe out. The kettle is boiling and my tea is calling. Another day to go.


Wolves 1-0
15.Sep.07, 12:49 pm
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Jaden’s first soccer game went really well. His coach really helped keep the game on track. The kids had a great time and won 3-0. 

 The other team’s coach was a whiny little bitch who didn’t even tell her kids to guard the goal. She said, “I just want my kids to learn the basics and have fun, he’s making it too competitive.” Um, hello, if the other team is guarding their goal and keeps scoring on yours, put some kids in front of the damn goal!! She was bitching because he taught her kids how to throw in properly. How hard is it to tell a kid to stand with their feet on the ground, and use both hands to throw from over their heads? That’s something she should have taught her kids in their first practice. She also kept whining saying that it was ‘obvious some of the kids on the other team had played before when hers hadn’t at all’. 2 kids on our team had played before, out of all of them. We’d had 1 practice before the game, just like her team. With all of her whining, she did nothing to actually coach her kids. It seriously pissed me off just listening to her.

 Jaden is having a great time with soccer, and I’m glad he’s enjoying it. It was a beautiful day for a game, and there were lots of parents there to cheer them on. I hope this helps him feel good about himself.

Another week finished
7.Sep.07, 11:20 am
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I have officially finished my homework for this week, and am almost finished copying my notes from my notebook onto the computer.

The only class that is frustrating me right now is Government. It’s not that I’m not understanding the material, it’s that there is so MUCH of the material and my professor talks WAY too damn fast!

He came in yesterday and said he’d been approached in the hallway by a student who wanted to know how he could drop the class because he was just not picking up what the professor was putting down. He asked if any of us were having the same problem. I sit right in front of him most of the time so I can hear, and I said, “Honestly, I do sometimes. You go so quickly that by the time I’m halfway finished writing one point you’ve already made another and I forget what I’m supposed to be writing because I’m trying to remember the next point!” He told me he’d try to slow down and to let him know when I was having trouble keeping up, but the problem is, if I stop him, I’ll lose my train of thought and have to start up again, plus I’m so busy writing I can’t stop and raise my hand, and I don’t want to frustrate the rest of the class if they’re keeping up (which I doubt at this point).

I take an average of 5-6 pages of notes everyday in that class. Professor Stewart writes his talking points down on legal sheets and simply sits down in front of the class and reads them off, stopping occasionally to ask a question for class participation. I would rather participate than use that brief lull to catch up on writing because I understand a concept better when I participate. I’m not always right, but I always try.

I guess I’m just going to have to invest in a mini-recorder and tape his lectures. Most of my professors won’t allow those, but I believe he will. If I had a laptop this wouldn’t be an issue, because I can type way faster than I write. Except today, apparently, when typos are running rampant and the backspace is my friend.