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Another week finished
7.Sep.07, 11:20 am
Filed under: School

I have officially finished my homework for this week, and am almost finished copying my notes from my notebook onto the computer.

The only class that is frustrating me right now is Government. It’s not that I’m not understanding the material, it’s that there is so MUCH of the material and my professor talks WAY too damn fast!

He came in yesterday and said he’d been approached in the hallway by a student who wanted to know how he could drop the class because he was just not picking up what the professor was putting down. He asked if any of us were having the same problem. I sit right in front of him most of the time so I can hear, and I said, “Honestly, I do sometimes. You go so quickly that by the time I’m halfway finished writing one point you’ve already made another and I forget what I’m supposed to be writing because I’m trying to remember the next point!” He told me he’d try to slow down and to let him know when I was having trouble keeping up, but the problem is, if I stop him, I’ll lose my train of thought and have to start up again, plus I’m so busy writing I can’t stop and raise my hand, and I don’t want to frustrate the rest of the class if they’re keeping up (which I doubt at this point).

I take an average of 5-6 pages of notes everyday in that class. Professor Stewart writes his talking points down on legal sheets and simply sits down in front of the class and reads them off, stopping occasionally to ask a question for class participation. I would rather participate than use that brief lull to catch up on writing because I understand a concept better when I participate. I’m not always right, but I always try.

I guess I’m just going to have to invest in a mini-recorder and tape his lectures. Most of my professors won’t allow those, but I believe he will. If I had a laptop this wouldn’t be an issue, because I can type way faster than I write. Except today, apparently, when typos are running rampant and the backspace is my friend.


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