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Wolves 1-0
15.Sep.07, 12:49 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins

Jaden’s first soccer game went really well. His coach really helped keep the game on track. The kids had a great time and won 3-0. 

 The other team’s coach was a whiny little bitch who didn’t even tell her kids to guard the goal. She said, “I just want my kids to learn the basics and have fun, he’s making it too competitive.” Um, hello, if the other team is guarding their goal and keeps scoring on yours, put some kids in front of the damn goal!! She was bitching because he taught her kids how to throw in properly. How hard is it to tell a kid to stand with their feet on the ground, and use both hands to throw from over their heads? That’s something she should have taught her kids in their first practice. She also kept whining saying that it was ‘obvious some of the kids on the other team had played before when hers hadn’t at all’. 2 kids on our team had played before, out of all of them. We’d had 1 practice before the game, just like her team. With all of her whining, she did nothing to actually coach her kids. It seriously pissed me off just listening to her.

 Jaden is having a great time with soccer, and I’m glad he’s enjoying it. It was a beautiful day for a game, and there were lots of parents there to cheer them on. I hope this helps him feel good about himself.


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