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Testing, testing 1-2-3
24.Sep.07, 13:04 pm
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12 years ago I was in no way prepared for college and wanted to enroll but not attend class. Therefore, I have a GPA of .676 on my transcript currently.

Now that I’m 30-years-old and have no degree, am now a single mother and in dire need of a career, I’m having to repent my past academic transgressions to the gods of grade forgiveness and have my USAO transcripts “renewed”.

What is this, you ask? After completing 12 credit hours at RSC, the Dean of Admissions will scrub all of my grades older than 5 years, so pretty much everything from USAO will be out of my GPA. It will remain on my transcript, but not be counted towards my GPA. This is a GOOD thing, as right now I’d be making a 4.0.

The only downside to this, I don’t get to keep the classes I actually passed. The only class I really would like to keep is English Comp I. I am good at Comp. I made a B in the class, and that’s after missing almost a month due to a car accident. So, tomorrow, I have a date with the RSC testing center to officially CLEP Comp. Luckily, this test covers I and II, so I will get 6 credit hours knocked out fo $80, in a single afternoon. I don’t get GPA credit for it, but I get the hours.

So my English Comp CLEP test tomorrow, a test in Intro to Law on Thursday, and a test in American Federal Government next Tuesday, followed by a take-home test due on Oct 17th from Educational Planning. My brain feels like jello just thinking about all of these coming up.

And what am I doing to prepare for these tests? Not looking at my books, that’s for sure. If I do, I will panic, and probably fail. The Law test is going to be definition only, and I am allowed to bring a half-sheet of paper with anything I want on it. I am printing my key terms and definitions in 4pt font and covering the entire half sheet. I know the definitions, that’s not a problem, I just need it for backup. As far as the Gov’t test – it’s open book. I have taken meticulous notes, and recorded the lectures, so I feel very confident on everything except which Constitutional section or amendment I will need to find what in.

Hopefully my brain will not turn to mush too quickly. I can get through this. Breathe in, breathe out. The kettle is boiling and my tea is calling. Another day to go.


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