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Just Breathe… it will all be over soon.
28.Nov.07, 09:08 am
Filed under: Hopes, My Munchkins, Our Little Nest, Rants

This weekend was a bit chaotic. Thanksgiving was also Dale’s birthday. He had to work so he planned to have friends over on Saturday. Not a problem. I knew there would be alcohol involved so I took the kids and spent the night at my mom’s.

I came home on Sunday a little past noon to find Dale and Derek in the living room, so hungover they still couldn’t turn the lights on, playing video games. My mop bucket was sitting in the middle of the living room floor, which I found odd. Dale explained that Derek had already gotten sick once because he was so drunk, so he’d cleaned him up and left the bucket there in case he did it again. Disgusting.

Apparently Derek was the only friend of his who bothered to show up – typical. Between the two of them they polished off an entier 5th of Cuervo Black Medallion, Seagram’s 7, and who knows what else. Knowing how bad it affects my asthma, Dale also decided it wouldn’t be a big deal if they smoked in the house all night. It reeked. I could barely breathe when I walked in the door, and the kids hated it.

For the life of him, Dale couldn’t understand why I was in a bad mood. By 8 o’clock that evening, he was still hung over, still couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just “calm down and get over it”. He started a pity party saying, ‘This is why I can’t have friends over, because you get pissed and throw a fit.” As though his own actions had nothing to do with me being upset!!!

I have to live here too. I don’t like having to cough and sputter just to sit in the living room. I don’t like my children having to live with that smoke still lingering in the house. His mother can be a disgusting chimney if she wants to be in her house, I won’t have it in mine. That’s one of the reasons I don’t go over there!

We ended up getting into a huge screaming match over that and many other issues, but of course it was just me being a bitch in his eyes. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s a selfish asshole who thinks of nobody else, especially if there’s alcohol to be had. If he’s drunk, he just uses it as an excuse. “I didn’t want to disturb the neighbors by being loud if I went outside since we were drunk”. As loud as the volume was turned up on the speakers on my computer, he was probably already disturbing them from inside the house. It had nothing to do with the neighbors. He just didn’t want to step outside in the cold. He wanted to be a drunk, lazy bastard. He just used being drunk as an excuse all over again. As though it should excuse that he fucked up. It doesn’t.

Just 6 more months. I can hold out 6 more months for the sake of my kids so I can save up the money to move out. I can survive this.


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