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I want a man….
23.Dec.07, 23:18 pm
Filed under: Hopes

I want a man…..
v  who is strong… not as much physically as he is spiritually and internally and emotionally.
v  who recognizes that even though I am a woman and I appear to be weak on the outside…I am VERY strong on the inside, and my man will need to understand that and not try to take that away from me-that strength is what carried me through my many rough times…and if he ever leaves, that inner strength will remain.
v  who wants a woman that is beautiful and who enjoys being a woman, but understands…. that I have gone so long without the things I needed that I may need time to get to the place he wants me.
v  who treats me the way I should be treated, with respect and dignity…. and knows without a shadow of a doubt that I will treat him with respect and dignity as well.
v  who likes me for my wit, who can laugh at my jokes and feel like he can tell me anything…because he really can.
v  Who gets lost when he looks in my eyes because he is thinking long and hard about the connection and chemistry that we have…
v  who has a childish grin (almost a smirk) when he is thinking about the way I make him happy.
v  who wraps me totally in both of his arms so that I feel loved and secure (all the time).
v  who loves to kiss me…no, really kiss me, not just the kind kiss on the forehead, although, sometimes that will do at exactly the right moment….a man that knows when “that moment” is…
v  who is attracted to me even though I have given birth to two children and know that some areas aren’t as pretty as they could be….they are scars of love.
v  with charm, but mostly a man w/wit and humor…a man that likes to see me laugh and likes to pick on me to get my attention….I like the attention as well.
v  who is never boring, but can be quiet at times – tries to be spontaneous and tries to see the positive aspect of things.
v  who has a great big lovable heart – one that makes me gush and cry…
v  who loves bubble baths but knows when to draw one for me and light candles so that I can have a “calgon alone” moment after a trying day.
v  who doesn’t think “making love” is just a booty call even though I may call once in a while myself.
v  who goes slow and discovers all the parts of my body that like to be touched and kissed…and the ones that just don’t do it for me.
v  who doesn’t’ mind getting dirty but knows when to shower..and doesn’t’ make me remind him that he needs one.
v  who wants to take me out for fancy events…I like getting dressed up and feeling like a princess…but also knows that I love my jeans and flip-flops even more.
v  who will paint my toes but still knows that I love paying to have them done because it makes me feel pretty
v  who doesn’t snore and if he does, has enough class to kick himself out of bed instead of waiting for me to “lose it”….I refuse to sleep on the couch….
v  who likes to cook but not one that rules the kitchen and makes changes to what I am cooking…
v  who will argue but not become belittling….and loves making up even more.
v  who will work out w/me but not make me feel like I have to change one thing about my body or point to areas that do…
v  who will love me like I have never been loved…and know that just because I was in love before does not mean he should be intimidated or try to do it better.
v  who loves to talk and tell me stories because I want to feel a part of his world..
v  who is honest and not afraid to tell me the true facts instead of what he “thinks” I want to hear.
v  who actually “calls back” when he says that he will don’t leave me hanging – it never ends goods.
v  who is frugal but not cheap, but more than that…a man that is thoughtful about the way he spends his money.
v  who respects my dislikes, like camping, and doesn’t make fun of me because of it…I don’t like bugs, snakes, or mosquitoes…no!
v  who will allow me to have dreams and goals of my own but also knows that I love and respect him enough to allow the same for him.
v  who knows when I say “fine” – it is not fine and he should try and figure out what fine is…
v  who knows I don’t have high expectations but that doesn’t mean I have “no” expectations…
v  who appreciates beauty but doesn’t go searching for it elsewhere….I’m not kicking anyone’s butt to prove he’s mine.
v  who will rent movies and take me to see them but will not get upset if I get distracted and can’t finish one in a single setting.
v  who knows I love him but also knows that I love my children and they have 1st priority over my heart.
v  who knows I am very smart but is not intimidated by the success of the career that I will one day have.
v  who is not perfect and does not expect me to be either.
v  who is spiritual on some level, but not a religious nut, and doesn’t preach to me about the error of my ways – I do that enough for both of us.
v  who doesn’t expect me to be someone I’m not – who accepts me…. flaws and all…. and loves me anyway. 


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