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And when the wind blows….
2.Mar.08, 21:44 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins, Tidbits About My Life

This weekend has been absolutely beautiful. The weather was so gorgeous all day yesterday I didn’t want to be inside.

Unfortunately, Jaden had a mild fever all day, and was laying around, so we all stayed inside. Today he seems to be feeling better, still has a slight fever, but is well enough to be ornery. I just had to wash his mouth out with soap. His newest favorite saying is, “Holy CRAP!” It isn’t truly cussing, I know, but it’s close enough that I wouldn’t want my grandmother to hear it.

Hopefully we won’t have to use too much soap on him. Other than not bathing himself and changing clothes when told, he was a pretty decent kid this weekend. I just don’t know what has been going wrong with him lately, but it’s getting rough. He doesn’t seem to want to listen at all. It’s pretty bad when you can’t get an 8-year-old boy to take a bath, wash his hair, and put on clean underwear without lying to you and telling you he did, when his hair is beginning to mat underneath from dirt, and he picks up underwear out from under his bed and puts them on instead of getting a pair out of his drawer.

I’m really getting worried, and don’t know what else to do. I’ve been in touch with the school counselor, and am trying to get him into some sort of counseling program that may help. There is a local Guidance Center that the school behavioral specialist swears by, and hopefully we’ll be able to get into there soon. I just need some help with him. I won’t be my mother – I won’t send my child away. I don’t care how hard it is or how bad it gets. I will love him through this. I just need some help in the process.

Now, the rain is coming down in torrents and the wind is blowing strong. I am enjoying some peace in the dark, listening to some Nickelback, and relaxing for the night. Another weekend passes, and another week begins.