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Taxing Day
15.Apr.08, 13:58 pm
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Am I the only person on the planet who can go in to get her starter fixed on her vehicle and come out with a job?

They mechanic offered me the desk chair to sit in behind the counter while he worked on my van, and I could see how disorganized the office was at a glance. The owner was in his office punching away at his calculator and emitting quiet curses at it from time to time, so before I was ready to go, I poked my head in and said, “Excuse me, sir, but would you happen to need any help here in the office, with billing and finances and paperwork, etc.?”

He looked at me like he was a dying man and I was his last chance, and said, “I’ll pay you $20 right now if you can add the numbers on this page. I took it, sat down at the computer, opened Excel, and made a quick spreadsheet with all of his expense categories and totals. He then handed me 4 more pages and then a quick list of the totals for the last half of 2007. I figured them all up, and he said, “I’ve got to have my taxes done by about 3pm today…. do you think you could help me?” I said it would be no problem and set to it. I went through his 2006 tax return and entered all of the info and then finished the figures for this year, and he ended up owing less than half of what he did last year. He said, “We’re well beyond $20 now, I’ll make this worth your while if you can work for me.”

So it’s not going to be full time for now. That’s ok, I can live with that. I still sub teach for now, but it’s going to pay more than sub teaching does, and it’s accounting, which I’m good at and, being the nerd I am, I actually enjoy.  He had to leave the office before I finished up, but he told me to come in tomorrow morning and we’d figure up how much he owes me – which I’m going to mostly put towards the work I had done on my van if it’ll cover it – and then we’re going to work out my job.

His wife kept coming in over and over saying, “God sent us an Angel today. Gary’s blood pressure was through the roof he was stressing out so bad over those taxes. Thank you so much!” and she gave me a big hug before I left. I’m really looking forward to this job, hopefully it’ll work out well for all of us.


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