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What family?
18.Apr.08, 18:43 pm
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I’ve often talked about how I have felt unwanted or looked down upon by my family members for many years. Today definitely rates in that category.

When I stopped to visit my mother on Sunday, she told me that the rest of the family had changed the time for the April birthdays party, and it’ll be held this friday (today) at 5pm at my aunt’s house in Rivendell.

What party?

This happens so often it makes me want to scream. The last time someone in my family had a baby nobody in my family even bothered to tell me she was pregnant until the month before the baby was born – and that was only because she called while the rest of us were having Thanksgiving dinner and mentioned that she was really tired and felt huge. I had to ask why she felt that way!!

Two years ago, I didn’t find out when we were going to have our family Christmas gathering until the day before it happend, so I skipped it. When asked why I wasn’t there: I had to do laundry. I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted. I don’t want to be invited to spend time with my own family as an afterthought.

Then tonight…

4:45pm, I’m getting the kids ready to go, head out to the van, but can’t get an answer at my aunt’s house to make sure I wasn’t supposed to bring anything. I called my mom, and she said, “Well, it got changed I think. It was this morning, or noon, or something like that.”

Nice. So not only did they plan a birthday party and not tell me, they went right ahead and HAD a birthday party for the whole family to enjoy… and DIDN’T INVITE ME OR MY KIDS! And people wonder why I don’t feel like I have any reason to stay in this god-forsaken state. I have no family. They don’t give a damn about me, so why should I stay here for them to treat me like a third-class citizen? I’m so sick of feeling inferior to these people who are my own kin. They can go on and have their fun, and play their “I’m better than you” games. I am done. I’m sick or it. I have no more family.


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