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19.Apr.08, 12:43 pm
Filed under: Goals, Rants

I believed that my entire tax refund was going to be taken by my student loans. I was ok with that, because I knew to expect it. Then I double checked on Wednesday that it was going to be taken and the IRS website said that my refund had been reduced by a small amount, but that the majority of it was scheduled to be deposited on Friday. A LARGE CHUNK OF CHANGE, mind you. I was ecstatic!! I called the people I was going to have to pay and told them to expect payment by today. I was going to pay off my van!! It was a great day!!

This afternoon I checked the mail to find a letter from the IRS telling me that the exact amount that was scheduled to be deposited on Friday was instead sent to the US Dept of Ed on my behalf. Um, hello! If it’s going to be offset, don’t list on your “Where’s My Refund” website that it is scheduled to be deposited!! I had plans for that money when I thought I was getting it!! I had plans for moving out!! I had plans for paying bills!! And now I have nothing!!

Today has completely gone to hell. I am officially pissed off.


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