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The parties are over…
19.May.08, 14:40 pm
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My children both had birthday parties this weekend. This is the first year we didn’t have a single party for both of them and I’m really wishing we’d just stuck to that, but they’re getting old enough that they don’t want to combine them anymore.

I am completely exhausted, and BROKE.

My son’s party was low-key – we had pizza and cupcakes here and then he and his best friend got to go see Speed Racer at the new Warren Theater down the street. They loved it. Not many ppl came, but those who did enjoyed themselves.

Josie’s party, on the other hand, was a time-consuming ordeal. We had a tea-party at my mom’s house. I arranged for a teapot-shaped cake and made chicken salad sandwiches on mini-croissants, and we had a veggie tray, cheese cubes, fresh fruit, and chips with pink lemonade and tea. Everyone loved it, and there were three sets of grandparents and one set of great-grandparents there.

Both kids made out like bandits with clothes, and Jaden got a new razor scooter, Josie got a toy laptop. They both loved their gifts, and they both needed the clothes badly.

My ex showed up for Jaden’s party for 45 minutes and then left before we even ate. He didn’t show up for Josie’s at all. His mother showed up with her sister and Jeff’s other child. WTF??? Bringing my ex’s bastard kid that was fathered while he was still married to me to my child’s bday party??? HE needed to be at her party, not this other “sister”. There is a time and a place to facilitate relationships between half-siblings. Her birthday party is not one of those. I understand that to his mother, these are just her two grand-daughters. Not to me. He never sees Josie. This should have been a special day for HER. This should have been the one day out of the year that she didn’t have to compete for her father’s attention and affection. Instead, he skipped her altogether.

He’s a deadbeat of the worst sort. Yes, he pays child support, but that’s not where the line of parental responsibility ends. He never sees the kids. Rare occasions when his mother has them overnight (once every 3 to 6 months) when she coerces him into coming over for an hour or two does not constitute a parental relationship.

When I got home he was on messenger, so I asked him point blank, “Why didn’t you come to Josie’s party?” He never replied. He knows he’s a worthless tool. He has nothing to say for himself. That’s ok, it says something that the kids weren’t heartbroken when he left early and never showed up. They’re used to him not being around. They’re better off without him. What a sad thing to have to say about a “parent”.


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