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What it means to be in love
31.Jul.08, 09:26 am
Filed under: Hopes, Tidbits About My Life

When you can’t think of someone without knowing they belong in your life….. this is love. When your world is bathed in light and beauty just because you see it through their eyes….. this is love. When your heart swells at the mention of their name….. this is love.

There have been times in my life I’ve thought I was in love. Yes…. I will admit. I can be the most confusing person in the world when it comes to matters of the heart. I leap before I think at times and end up not knowing what I wanted in the first place. But there is a level on which you can know someone and truly know that it is right.

When you can talk to someone for hours on end about any subject – from peanut butter to politics – and never once run out of things to say, you just bounce ideas and topics off of each other and continue in directions you never thought you’d go…. you just flow. I’d never felt flow before recently. I’ve never before had that level of comfort and connection with another person.

It’s early. It’s new. It’s different than any relationship I’ve ever had before. But it’s real. I am being cautious and sensible, taking my time. I won’t rush this. I won’t make the mistakes I’ve made before. But I know in my heart even now that there is something special here that I can’t deny. And you know what else? This man…. this amazing, wonderful, crazy, octopus-toting man loves me. Flaws and all.