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My Baby’s first day of school
14.Aug.08, 14:46 pm
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So my baby isn’t so much a baby anymore. She’s now entered the ranks of the school-aged. Today was Jocelyn’s first day of Kindergarten.

She got up and was excited in her pokladot-enfused handkerchief dress, and pretty pink slippers. She had her backpack and extra bag of supplies, and was ready to go, only to have to wait until the afternoon class. She came to work with me in the morning and played in the office, and then I took her for a happy meal at lunch time before taking her to meet her class at 12:45. She was excited, but I could tell just a little nervous as she gave me hugs and kisses twice. But, she put on a brave face and turned around and sat on the step with the rest of the kids like a big girl. I knew she’d be ok.

Sure enough, when time came to pick her up, she was beaming. She raised her hand in the line to tell her teacher I was there, and told me she had “So much fun!” They read a book about racoons called “The Kissing Hands” and even made a picture of their handprints for their moms. I took hers out of her backpack and will put it aside to look at when she’s bigger and doesn’t want to give me pretty hugs and kisses when I drop her off anymore.

Sad to say, but I know that day will come all too soon.

Jaden started the fourth grade today. He’s happy to be going back to all of his friends. I guess it’s not as exciting when you’ve done it 5 times, but he was still ready to head out bright and early this morning and managed to make it out the door with only a minor hiccup – when he tried to act like he couldn’t tie his own shoes at 9 yrs of age! We’ll see what happens when he makes it home in a few minutes!


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Know that she will love school. Kids always do. And she will be fine.

The only hard bit is letting go.

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