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There is a fungus amongus.
13.Sep.08, 13:21 pm
Filed under: Friends & Fam, Rants, Tidbits About My Life

I hate allergy season. The mold and pollen count are astronomical right now. Three days this week I woke up to my right eye swollen shut from watering in my sleep. My sneezing is out of control. I can’t breathe at the moment, and nothing seems to be helping.

Oh for better health insurance and the ability to go to the doctor when I need to!!!

I’m sneezy, wheezy and a few other dwarves all rolled into one. Hopefully the rains from Hurricane Ike will help dull down the allergens in the air.

On a happier note – Manu is here for the weekend riding out the storm!!!! YAY for friends who don’t like hurricanes!!! Love ya girlie!!


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Damper climates, less allergens!

Comment by eggplantinspace


Comment by eggplantinspace

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