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The high cost of good health.
22.Sep.08, 17:14 pm
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For my friends on the other side of “the pond” please, I beg of you, NEVER TAKE YOUR NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM FOR GRANTED.

I’m about to move, and I know my allergies and asthma will prolly go haywire for a while once I get to a new place. It’s normal. I went to the doctor with my son last week and while I was there I asked him for refills on on my meds to take with me. My current health insurance has a separate prescription benefit plan through Medco Health, which has a policy that requires patients to send their prescriptions for maintenance meds (everyday meds, like my asthma inhalers, allergy meds, stomach meds, etc.) to their mail-order pharmacy. I am allowed 3 30-day supply local pharmacy refills on my maintenance meds per year at copay costs, then I have to send them in mail-order or I am charged full price. Non-maintenance meds, such as antibiotics, etc., are always available through the local pharmacy. The plus-side to the mail order would appear to be the fact that they send a 90 day supply at one time, so you have to refill less often.

This just started this year, and I’ve made due without going through them so far because I knew 90-day supply copays would be more expensive. I didn’t realize HOW expensive until today when I was calling to get the prices for the four prescriptions I have. MaxAir inhaler, Advair inhaler, Allegra allergy medicine, and Prevacid acid reflux medicine. A grand total of $523.81!!!!!! And the most expensive of them all???? PREVACID!!!! A whopping $280 for this little gem, which is only taken to keep my stomach acid from rising up and eating a hole through my esophogaus. For that price, I’d expect there to be crack cocaine hidden in the bottle along with the pills – and they’d better include a straw!

Why on earth are prescription prices so high????? I personally believe it’s because the pharmaceutical companies know we have no choice but to pay them. We NEED these medications, and our government is NEVER going to step in and do anything about the ridiculous prices we are being charged for the medicines we need to survive. My inhalers alone are $82 for my rescue one, and $153.01 for my preventive one. Without those I can’t breathe. Without breathing… well….. I think we know what happens.

That’s it. I’m leaving the country. I’m going to buy a rowboat and set sail for Cuba. They hate America anyway. When they see I share their sentiments for the American healthcare regime (or is it Reich?) maybe they’ll give me a welcome party.


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If we teach people that quality of life is not important to us and not a reasonable expectation for all, no matter how rich they are. Then how are they supposed to respect us when they have nothing and we have so much.

Treat people with respect and dignity, and you’ll receive it back.

There is no respect or dignity in dying in your home gasping for breath because the state wont pay for an inhaler.
People will commit crime when they’re desperate. And they wont care about you, if you never cared about them.

Comment by eggplantinspace

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