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Sometimes things work out better than you could have ever imagined possible.
17.Apr.09, 20:43 pm
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have always been an online dating skeptic. I’ve been the one in the chatroom who said, “There’s no way you can truly know someone you’ve met online. There’s no way that relationship is real.” Ok…. I was an idiot.

If you talk to someone for hours on end every single day for 10 months before you meet in person, you CAN know them. I know this now for a fact.

Peter arrived here for the first time on March 29th, and I knew from the moment I met him in person for the first time that this was the man who had touched my very soul.

Never in my life have I ever felt so comfortable in a relationship. Never in my life have I felt so comfortable with another human being. I can be myself with him and have no fear of what he’ll think of me. I can talk to him about anything – from food to music to film to politics and even if we don’t have the same feelings on the subject – though we usually do – we still just FLOW!

In every other relationship I’ve ever had it’s always felt as if things were never equal. One person was always more in love than the other, or one was always “in charge” so to speak, things were never just 50/50. In every other relationship I’ve ever had, either he was more into me or I was more into him and depending on which side I was on, I either felt bored or like a doormat. Not now. I have never felt so loved, wanted, needed and desired in my life. And yet, I am completely in awe of him. I admire his very nature. He is the most giving, loving and affectionate man I’ve ever known. He’s caring and sensitive, and yet knows how to be a guy, a real man, with smelly feet and 3 days’ growth and everything.

He could make any woman melt just by speaking to her with the calm affectionate way he has. He makes you feel like you’re the only woman on the planet when you have his attention. And yet… he chose me. He flew 4684 miles, and spent thousands of dollars of his hard-earned money, to spend the better part of a month with me, and with my children. He took us to museums, to the theater, to the science center, to posh restaurants that serve food I’d never tasted before. He explored with us, and he was as much a part of our family as I am.

To put it mildly: we fit. We flow. We are perfick. (Not perfect, perfect is boring, we’re perfick – still rough around the edges, but we like it that way). I now know why every past relationship I’ve ever had hasn’t worked out. This is what I was destined for. This is the man I was made for, and he for me.

He makes me a better person, and most importantly, a better mother. He makes me stop and look at things in a different way when I lose my temper and go spastic at the kids’ antics. He helps me see things as they do so I can try to understand them better. He initiated bedtime reading – introduced new authors I wouldn’t have thought of. He’s working on the kids’ manners at dinnertime and helping me get them under control. He fits perfectly into our family and helps make us better. He has never had children, but is perfectly natural with mine – and I’m not even perfectly natural with mine!

This man has changed my life, and I plan to spend the rest of it changing his.

He left tonight for 8 months, but will be back for Christmas. I’m already miserable without him. I really hope this time flies quickly so I can be with him again.


Recap of 6 months with little time to blog.
3.Apr.09, 20:05 pm
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I’ve been so busy over the last several months that I’ve not posted. I’m sorry for anyone who’s tuned in. Life has been hectic.

So here’s a quick recap:

October 2008 – moved into apt with the kids in SE OKC. YAY

December 2008 – first Christmas on our own, was very broke, but happy.

January 2009 – work started to fall apart. Payroll wouldnt’ always clear. The only attorney in the firm who kept it financially afloat (read: did any work) left due to the owner’s bullshit. Negotiated a contract for job security/raise/tuition assistance which didn’t pan out. Began looking for new job.

February 2009 – More problems at work. Boss rarely there, excuse after excuse given. It finally got to the point that I was sick of having to cover for the bitch with opposing counsel and judges and clients. I gave my notice on Feb 26th and made Feb 27th my last day.

March 2009 – Started work at a new firm March 2nd. It’s a great place, they treat me like family. I’m told everyday how much I am valued and appreciated. The ex-boss refused to give me my final paycheck (she’s broke) and when my new boss (former judge) wrote her a demand letter on my behalf, she wrote back a complete bullshit fax saying I supposedly “misappropriated funds” and “tortuously interfered with business relationships” and that she would be doing more investigating before possibly pressing charges or seeking civil damages. Yeah… whatever. I filed a claim for wages with the Ok Dept of Labor and they gave me a judgment against her. I’m filing that with the local courts on Tuesday to get a lien on her assets.

March 29th Peter arrived from England. I cannot even describe in words how much I love this man. But in my next post…. I’m going to try.