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Recap of 6 months with little time to blog.
3.Apr.09, 20:05 pm
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I’ve been so busy over the last several months that I’ve not posted. I’m sorry for anyone who’s tuned in. Life has been hectic.

So here’s a quick recap:

October 2008 – moved into apt with the kids in SE OKC. YAY

December 2008 – first Christmas on our own, was very broke, but happy.

January 2009 – work started to fall apart. Payroll wouldnt’ always clear. The only attorney in the firm who kept it financially afloat (read: did any work) left due to the owner’s bullshit. Negotiated a contract for job security/raise/tuition assistance which didn’t pan out. Began looking for new job.

February 2009 – More problems at work. Boss rarely there, excuse after excuse given. It finally got to the point that I was sick of having to cover for the bitch with opposing counsel and judges and clients. I gave my notice on Feb 26th and made Feb 27th my last day.

March 2009 – Started work at a new firm March 2nd. It’s a great place, they treat me like family. I’m told everyday how much I am valued and appreciated. The ex-boss refused to give me my final paycheck (she’s broke) and when my new boss (former judge) wrote her a demand letter on my behalf, she wrote back a complete bullshit fax saying I supposedly “misappropriated funds” and “tortuously interfered with business relationships” and that she would be doing more investigating before possibly pressing charges or seeking civil damages. Yeah… whatever. I filed a claim for wages with the Ok Dept of Labor and they gave me a judgment against her. I’m filing that with the local courts on Tuesday to get a lien on her assets.

March 29th Peter arrived from England. I cannot even describe in words how much I love this man. But in my next post…. I’m going to try.


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