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Bitch in sheep’s clothing.
27.Jul.09, 17:38 pm
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I’m not a quitter, but I so want to today. My boss played us all for fools. Last Tuesday I went to him about Lynn (office mgr/his girlfriend) and her treatment of the staff as well as major accounting problems I could PROVE. One of our other paralegals quit after he heard her call me an idiot and scream and raise all sorts of hell about an issue she knew nothing about. I told Michael he was about to lose the rest of his staff if he didn’t do something about her, and quite possibly his entire practice if he didn’t do something about the accounting. He called each paralegal in and spoke to them one on one, and they all told him the same thing. He called Shane, the one who quit, and asked him to come back, told him he’d fired Lynn.

She’s back. She’s pissed as hell at me for being the one to stand up and go to Michael about her, and is going to make my life a living hell till I quit. Shane and Kari both told me they were going to walk out if she came back, but they’ve backed down now. If we all walked out together it would have made a statement. If I walk out on my own, I look like a petulant child, a quitter, who can’t handle pressure. I have no choice, but it’s killing me. This is NOT what I signed on for. I do NOT want to be here. She poisons that man until he believes only what she tells him about anyone or anything. It’s pathetic, honestly. How can an attorney, a former judge, be so gullible? He no longer believes the accounting problems, even though there’s documentation. He no longer believes she’s a problem, but instead had a 45 minute staff meeting to sing her praises and tell us how she’s single-handedly saved this firm from the brink of disaster, and that the recent problems are due to him putting too much responsibility on her because she has such a strong work ethic and handles things so beautifully. Gag me. To which, Debra, her favorite suck up, of course had to pipe up with “Thank you so much for all you do for us, Lynn. I really missed you while you were gone.” You’re 52 yrs old woman, have some dignity.

She won’t even look me in the eye unless she’s in front of everyone bitching me out, and even then she won’t speak directly to me, she’ll look at me and act like she’s addressing the group. She’ll walk halfway into my office and throw things onto my desk. She’s taking away my duties and giving them to Debra. This place has become a nightmare, and from what the girl who quit this job before me said, it’s only going to get worse until she pushes me out the door. Physically if she has to.

I need strength. I have to take care of my kids. And I know there’s no way they’d understand.