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True Comfort
29.Nov.09, 01:34 am
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Com-fort-a-ble: /ˈkʌmftəbəl, ˈkʌmfərtəbəl/ Spelled Pronunciation [kuhmf-tuh-buhl, kuhm-fer-tuh-buhl]

adjective  1. (of clothing, furniture, etc.) producing or affording physical comfort, support, or ease: a comfortable chair; comfortable shoes.  2. being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease: to be comfortable in new shoes; I don’t feel comfortable in the same room with her.  3. (of a person, situation, etc.) producing mental comfort or ease; easy to accommodate oneself to or associate with: She’s a comfortable person to be with. 4. being in love with the person you were made for.

A soft, fluffy duvet on a cold morning. Your first cup of coffee of the day. A perfectly broken in pair of jeans.  It’s not hard to find examples of things that make you feel really comfortable.

What feels even better than those? The person you’re meant to be with. When you’re more comfortable in their arms than in your own skin, you know it’s right. When you can be yourself every minute of every day, and never worry that something off-the-wall that you might do or say will offend them or upset them or make them look at you like you’re from another planet – you know that’s the person you were made for. That’s what I’ve found. (Go ahead, be jealous!)

When you find ‘the one’, it makes you realize why no other relationship in your life ever worked out. You realize they were just put there in your path so that you’d be able to appreciate the real thing when it came along. So few people actually find the one they’re made for. I’m one of those lucky few. I feel so content just thinking about the fact that he loves me, and accepts me for who I am, and wants to share the rest of our lives together. Everyone else, everything else I’ve ever known just pales in comparison. I have few regrets (I won’t say none, that’s insane) because every experience I’ve had in the almost 33 years I’ve been on this earth has lead me to this point.

I have never felt so loved in my life. It’s like a tangible blanket wrapped around me. Even 5000 miles apart I can feel that he loves me. Even 5000 miles apart, I don’t want to be anywhere but with him. I can’t go a whole day without talking to him at least three to five hours, and that’s more than most married couples spend together who live in the same house! It’s been this way for over a year. (Thank goodness for Vonage and free international calls!!)

His pillow is empty and his side of the bed is cold (even though the cat tries to snuggle, it’s not the same). I miss him snoring in my ear. I miss his hand on my hip in while I’m reading before going to sleep. I miss his soft kisses on my shoulder in the morning. I miss laying my head on his chest in the crook of his arm, the perfect little space that I fit into so well. I miss laughing with him until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore and doze off in his arms. But I never miss his love, it’s with me every minute of every day. I couldn’t escape it if I wanted to. I can hear his smile on the phone in the way he says it to me. I can feel it no matter how far apart we are. Seven months isn’t so long. I can do this. He’s worth the wait.


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Its less and less time each day that passes. And that should keep us going.

Comment by Peter

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