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2.Feb.10, 21:13 pm
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Until last week I wasn’t sure that I would be able to go to England in March to meet my new family. I didn’t know if it would be financially possible, until I filed my taxes and knew I would be receiving the refund I needed. Being only six weeks till my scheduled departure, it meant the clock was ticking on getting my passport and plane tickets.

I left the office at 11:30 this morning headed for the Edmond Courthouse to apply for my passport. I had printed my completed form and had my required photos and birth certificate. I stopped at the ATM and grabbed the cash and got lost for 10 minutes before finding my way to the Oklahoma County Satellite Office.

I handed the nice lady my form and appropriate accompanying documentation, and was told that my birth certificate had water damage on the side and would not be accepted. She told me that if I sent it in as it was that my application would be put in a Suspended drawer and I wouldn’t get my passport for months. I needed to go downtown to the Oklahoma Dept of Vital Statistics to get a new copy. I’d done this before, and it only took 20 minutes, so I knew I’d be a little late from lunch, but not too bad, so it’d be ok, just work a few minutes late to make up for it.

I get to the DVS and find 8,947,000 people waiting in line just to “take a number” and turn in their forms. As I finally get to the front I’m handed number 95 and hear them call 46. I was told it would be 30 minutes to an hour, and went to wait my turn…


I walk out with my 2 copies and a “have a nice day” from the guy behind the counter (who took a coffee break immediately before calling me) and head toward the downtown post office, since that was the closest passport office to the DVS. I got in line to have my application taken, new birth certificate in hand, and wait another 45 minutes while she helps 3 people. (WHY DOES IT TAKE SO LONG???) As I hand over my paperwork she tells me that the woman in Edmond had already stamped my forms with thier station’s information and she can’t use them, I’ll have to fill out a whole new form. GREAT… I’m only 3 hours late back from lunch already, what’s another 30 minutes?

I filled out the new form (bye bye to the nice and neatly filled-in one I printed online) and removed my photos from the old one and had the woman attach them to the new one. I was told it would be 4-6 weeks processing time if I sent it in regularly, or 3 weeks if I expedited it. I need it back in 3 weeks so I can order my tickets, so I expedited it. So much for $100 for my passport. With expediting fees, the post office’s fee, Express Mail fees and everything else included it was nearly double.

3 1/2 hours and $196 and change later… I have officially applied for my passport and am preparing for my trip to England.

Stay tuned for details…


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