The Idiot’s Guide To Everyday Life

About Angela

100 Things About Me… in random order…

1. I am a single mother, which I believe is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs on the planet.
2 . My children are the most amazing children I’ve ever known, and surprise me everday.
3. I will never doubt #2.
4. I have a big heart, and once I’ve loved someone, I love them for life.
5. Once I’ve been hurt by someone, I will never see them the same way again.
6. I am strong-willed and open-minded, and will not keep either under wraps for anyone.
7. I have three chinchillas and a cocker spaniel.
8. I love animals, but they can sometimes get on my nerves.
9. My favorite season is Christmas/New Year’s.
10. I love Harry Potter- yes I know, I’m a dork. I have children.
11. I have been over weight for 10 years, and I can’t seem to lose any of it.
12. I have been married twice.
13. I have failed at marriage twice for one reason or another.
14. I don’t know if I’ll ever marry again. Right now, it doesnt’ look like it.
15. I have a bad habit of getting into serious relationships quickly, then losing interest.
16. I have lived in America and Germany.
17. I prefer Germany any day.
18. I hate President Bush.
19. I don’t like Baptist churches.
20. I love Bill Maher.
21. Love has fooled me many times, and it has taken a lot of pain to learn what true love really is.
22. It has taken me 31 years to find the man of my dreams, and he lives on another continent.
23. My dream car is a 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra Roadster.
24. I don’t smoke, but I have, though not as a habit.
25. I seldom drink, and have a low tolerance for alcohol.
26. I’ve smoked marijuana in the past, it did nothing for me, I chose not to repeat it.
27. I am open with my children about my life.
28. I have had very good examples of how NOT to raise my children.
29. I hope to be a better parent than my mine were.
30. I will NEVER give up my children. I will NEVER send them away, no matter what they do.
31. I am strongly against unlicensed/unregulated church-run boarding schools.
32. I was a prisoner in an unlicensed/unregulated boarding school for 3 years.
33. I still have nightmares about #32.
34. If my children choose to drink/smoke/experiment someday, I want them to come to me, so I can make sure their experimentation is safe and controlled.
35. I believe that a parent’s responsibility is to monitor what their children do, not to stifle them.
36. I believe that censorship is the responsbility of the parent, not of some government agency.
37. I allow my children to watch whatever television or movies they want, within reason, so long as they don’t imitate.
38. I believe that television/movies are NOT the reason for the downfall of society, it is up to the parents to teach the difference between fiction and reality and make sure their children understand.
39. I am agnostic. I do not know if there is one God, but I do know that there is a spiritual power that guides us all.
40. I believe that you can worship in ways no church can define.
41. I believe that nobody has the right to dictate how someone is allowed to attain their own happiness.
41. I hate housework, and don’t do it if I don’t have to.
43. I am sometimes lazy, and I don’t care.
44. Sometimes, my children get the better of me, and I DO care.
45. I do the best I can as a parent. I don’t believe it is possible to be perfect.
46. My children tell me that I am beautiful, and I try very hard to believe them.
47. I am very insecure, especially about my weight.
48. I am highly inteligent, though sometimes I don’t act like it.
49. I am athletically challenged.
50. I played the drums growing up. I cannot play them anymore. At least not well.
51. Most mornings I wake up with a severe migraine. Doctors do not know why.
52. I have epilepsy, asthma, and clinical depression.
53. I had my son a month early, he only weighed four pounds, but is very healthy now.
54. I come from a long line of nurses, but have no desire to become one myself.
55. My goal in life is to become an attorney, or at least a paralegal, helping to make a difference in the world.
56. I am slowly working towards #55.
57. I have friends who I care for more deeply than many of my relatives and consider family.
58. I love prime rib- after it’s been seared and seasoned. (YAY OUTBACK!)
59. I love Italian, Chinese, and GREEK food.
60. I often eat when stressed or depressed.
61. I am pre-diabetic, and am heading towards type 2.
62. Changes in diet have not helped #61.
63. My great-grandmother is my role model and hero.
64. When the day comes that I lose #63, it will tear me apart.
65. If I can be half as good to my children as my Granny has been to me, I will have accomplished something amazing.
66. My favorite relaxation technique is a long hot, bubble bath.
67. I have been homeless.
68. During #67, I lived on a picnic table at a lake.
69. I was pregnant with my son during #67.
70. I prefer a quiet corner than a room full of people.
71. I read everything I can get my hands on.
72. I have kissed a girl.
73. I have done more than kiss a girl.
74. I am very opinionated, and will not back down from a debate.
75. If someone’s opinions conflict with mine, I don’t take offense. I will however argue. With a brick wall.
76. I am the girl your parents warned you about.
77. I am not yet the woman I would like to be, but I am striving to be her.
78. I pray that I can be the right kind of role model for my children.
79. I pray that I can be the understanding parent that my mother wasn’t.
80. I am paranoid. All the time.
81. When I have money or credit, I have a serious shopping problem.
82. My closet and living room attest to #81.
83. I jump into things with both feet, full force.
84. After #83, I lose interest in a short timespan.
85. I have Adult ADD.
86. Due to #85, I cannot sit through an entire movie most of the time without hitting pause to take a break.
87. I have a handbag fetish.
88. I love the color RED.
89. I do not like horror movies. They give me nightmares.
90. I love popcorn.
91. I like Sci-fi. I know, I’m a geek. So what?
92. I watched every episode of Alias while it was still on the air. In order. First-run.
93. Dr Who just may be the best tv series ever made.
94. I feel intimidated and looked-down-on by my own family.
95. Because of #94, I feel more comfortable around friends than my family.
96. I am a good cook, but choose not to cook most of the time.
97. I am pushing 30 with a forklift.
98. I am a liberalist to the core.
99. I believe equality should be the same for ALL people. Reverse discrimination is just as bad.
100. I believe that I will make a mark on this earth before I leave it.


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What a wonderful list…especially #100.

Comment by Meg

If he doesn’t know, NEVER let him…

Comment by Moodz4Modernz

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