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London Calling
24.May.10, 21:38 pm
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LONDON BABY! I flew off for Spring Break with my man! One blissful, albeit exhausting week in Jolly ‘Ol England with Peter and the Allen Family.

The route was to be OKC to Atlanta, Atlanta to Brussels, Belgium, and Brussels to Bristol, UK. Never expect anything involving ME to go according to plan.

I was supposed to fly out of OKC around half-past noon on Friday the 13th, but due to weather delays in Atlanta (my connection), my flight was delayed 3 hours. By the time I made it to Atlanta, I’d already missed my connection to Brussels, so I was rerouted to Manchester, England, and from there to London/Heathrow Airport. When my flight arrived in Atlanta, they were already boarding the connection to Manchester, so I barely made it onto that flight. When I got to Manchester Saturday morning they’d already boarded my flight to London, but hadn’t taken off. I cried and begged and got the ticket counter girl to get permission from the pilot to let me on. I made it to London, only to find out that my bags hadn’t. They’d never re-routed them!! I was assured by two lovely, cake-eating baggage claim attendants that they would find my luggage within 24 hours, anywhere in the world, and courier it to me. Meanwhile, buy some new things and keep the receipts to file a claim against British Airways. (Don’t give me an excuse to go shopping. Seriously.)

I walk into the terminal to see my wonderful man, sitting there with a smile plastered on his face, and a bouquet of yellow roses. (I don’t much care for yellow roses, but they’re his thing, and I adore him, so I was happy.) We sat and talked for a moment while I caught my breath from the flight and then set off for Salisbury so I could get some clothes. Our first stop on the way however was Stonehenge. Peter had lived in England all his life and never visited the relic, so we stopped and took the audio-guided tour, making out at each stone in turn like a couple of teenagers. (Prudish old ppl tut-tutting us the whole way!)

Sunday was Mothering Day in the UK, so we had a special meal with Peter’s parents and half-brother Nick and his lovely wife, Karen. Nick and Karen are really a great pair! I had so much fun just sitting back and laughing with them about everything under the sun. We went to The Smuggler’s Inn in Weymouth and had roast beef and potatoes with Yorkshire pudding and treacle tart for dessert. I was STUFFED, but loved every bit of it. We went for a drive up the coast road afterward and saw all the beauty of the English countryside along the way. Tiny little villages full of houses with thatched roofs and Tudor homes, with cobbled streets and stone walls. These are really fairytale places. I’m so jealous of Peter being able to see these everyday. Though to him, they’re so commonplace they’re nothing.

Monday we took off at silly o’clock and hopped on a plane at Bristol to Edinburgh. We visited Marco and Emma, Peter’s brother and sister-in-law in Scotland, along with thier boys and foster children. If I had ever had a sister before, I bet talking t her would be like talking to Emma. She’s great. I’ve never seen a better mother, or a more kindred soul. She is kind and generous, even taking in a complete stranger for a couple of days, and treating me like family. We talked and laughed, and she showed me around parts of Perth and Aberfeldy, even the castle (I promise, it was a mini-castle, pocket-sized as far as castles go… Shurrup, Peter, it WAS!) We had a great time just getting to know them. If I could live in the UK, I’d definitely want to be there, near Emma. I could learn so much from her.

Tuesday Peter tried to drag me up the Birks of Aberfeldy (read: small mountains with waterfall at top) I tried to tell him, you don’t drag a fat girl with asthma up the side of a mountain. Only one of you is coming back. Either she’s going to stop breathing, or she’s going to shove you over the side of a cliff. Your choice. We both managed to make it down and stopped for cream tea and scones at the Moonstone Cafe in town. We headed back to Marco & Emma’s and listened to Kyle play his cello for us and then had a family meal of curry before looking through lots of embarrassing pics of Peter growing up. (I’ve got blackmail fodder for YEARS to come. Thank you, Marco!)

Wednesday we flew back REALLY early and drove back to Dorchester from Bristol. My luggage had arrived while we were in Scotland, so I was finally able to get my things! We stopped by the Dorchester Market and looked around and I bought some scarves, and picked up groceries for me to cook for the family that night. We stopped at the supermarket for the rest of our ingredients and then headed home for a short nap and then I made American-style chicken-fried-steak with mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. Peter’s Mum & Dad seemed to really like that.  We followed it up with a bit of ice cream and then got ready to go out for St. Patrick’s Day at the pub in town, first stopping off to see Liz, one of Peter’s oldest and dearest friends. St. Patty’s day at Tom Brown’s was loads of fun! I got to meet Boyd & Wain and Jack Daniels, as well as Christopher, Jude and Karen. Alister, the town cryer even showed up and gave me a small book about the history of Dorchester and told me I must bring the kids back and go on a tour with him.

Thursday we got up early and took the train into London. I had found a really good discount on a room at the Shaftsbury Premier Hotel Notting Hill and we took the tube and two taxi’s (got lost, wrong address) and finally got there. The room was so tiny the bed touched wall on three sides and you literally had to SUCK IN to get in the shower, and still touched glass on all sides, but it was cozy and we enjoyed it. We went up the London Eye and on a Thames River cruise, found a lovely cafe that sold us some delicious chicken, bacon and avacado sandwiches, and then headed deeper into the city. We walked up and down Oxford Street probably five miles looking for stores that would sell plus size clothes, but didn’t have too much luck. We didn’t make it to a show, but did stop in Piccadilly Circus for dinner at the Aberdeen Steak House. Yum! Finally took the tube back to the hotel and were so sore and tired we each had a shower and then fell into bed and crashed after rubbing each others’ sore feet.

Friday we took a stroll through Hyde Park and tried not to think about it being our last day together. I burst into tears a lot. We went to Speaker’s Corner (even though they only speak on Sundays) and then taxi’ed over to Harrod’s for some shopping. Everything was expensive, so I stuck to some chocolate Easter Souveniers for the kids and family. We took the tube back to the hotel and grabbed our things and were off for Waterloo Station and the trip back to Dorchester. Friday night was take-out Chinese and some tearful moments with the family. We snuggled that night, knowing we’d be saying goodbye in the morning until Peter returns for us to be married. It was a sad night, but I was so happy to be with him.

Saturday we headed back to Bristol for me to fly out. We had coffee and scones at the airport, and cried and held each other until I nearly missed my plane home. I would have gladly stayed, but the children need me. I miss him so much. Nothing is the same without him. We just work when we’re together. All the little things fall into place. We do things as a family, and he helps me pick up the pieces that so often get left behind when I have to do everything on my own. I love him so much.

The visa is in the works. We’ll get there eventually. It’s just a matter of time and patience. Please don’t let it be too long. I need him back. If all goes well we’d like to have a Christmas wedding, with friends and family gathered around us. That’s our hope. It’s GOING to happen. I believe it.


There is a fungus amongus.
13.Sep.08, 13:21 pm
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I hate allergy season. The mold and pollen count are astronomical right now. Three days this week I woke up to my right eye swollen shut from watering in my sleep. My sneezing is out of control. I can’t breathe at the moment, and nothing seems to be helping.

Oh for better health insurance and the ability to go to the doctor when I need to!!!

I’m sneezy, wheezy and a few other dwarves all rolled into one. Hopefully the rains from Hurricane Ike will help dull down the allergens in the air.

On a happier note – Manu is here for the weekend riding out the storm!!!! YAY for friends who don’t like hurricanes!!! Love ya girlie!!

The parties are over…
19.May.08, 14:40 pm
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My children both had birthday parties this weekend. This is the first year we didn’t have a single party for both of them and I’m really wishing we’d just stuck to that, but they’re getting old enough that they don’t want to combine them anymore.

I am completely exhausted, and BROKE.

My son’s party was low-key – we had pizza and cupcakes here and then he and his best friend got to go see Speed Racer at the new Warren Theater down the street. They loved it. Not many ppl came, but those who did enjoyed themselves.

Josie’s party, on the other hand, was a time-consuming ordeal. We had a tea-party at my mom’s house. I arranged for a teapot-shaped cake and made chicken salad sandwiches on mini-croissants, and we had a veggie tray, cheese cubes, fresh fruit, and chips with pink lemonade and tea. Everyone loved it, and there were three sets of grandparents and one set of great-grandparents there.

Both kids made out like bandits with clothes, and Jaden got a new razor scooter, Josie got a toy laptop. They both loved their gifts, and they both needed the clothes badly.

My ex showed up for Jaden’s party for 45 minutes and then left before we even ate. He didn’t show up for Josie’s at all. His mother showed up with her sister and Jeff’s other child. WTF??? Bringing my ex’s bastard kid that was fathered while he was still married to me to my child’s bday party??? HE needed to be at her party, not this other “sister”. There is a time and a place to facilitate relationships between half-siblings. Her birthday party is not one of those. I understand that to his mother, these are just her two grand-daughters. Not to me. He never sees Josie. This should have been a special day for HER. This should have been the one day out of the year that she didn’t have to compete for her father’s attention and affection. Instead, he skipped her altogether.

He’s a deadbeat of the worst sort. Yes, he pays child support, but that’s not where the line of parental responsibility ends. He never sees the kids. Rare occasions when his mother has them overnight (once every 3 to 6 months) when she coerces him into coming over for an hour or two does not constitute a parental relationship.

When I got home he was on messenger, so I asked him point blank, “Why didn’t you come to Josie’s party?” He never replied. He knows he’s a worthless tool. He has nothing to say for himself. That’s ok, it says something that the kids weren’t heartbroken when he left early and never showed up. They’re used to him not being around. They’re better off without him. What a sad thing to have to say about a “parent”.

Zoom Zoom….
8.Apr.08, 11:16 am
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I got a new vehicle this weekend. Well, it’s new to me, I bought it from a close friend. It’s a 2001 Chevy Venture LS. Yes, I have re-achieved minivan status. It came complete with the soccer-mom sticker on the back, LOL.

It’s not perfect, there’s a tiny leak that nobody can find in the cooling system somewhere, but it only requires a half gallon of coolant occasionally – maybe twice a month or something – so no big deal. The starter may need to be replaced in the next few months, but those are cheap to pick up, since Ventures are a dime a dozen here and the part is located on the top of the engine, so it should be pretty cheap to fix.

All-in-all it’s a very good deal. The friend I bought it from drove it to me from St. Louis and we had a great time catching up and hanging out. We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, so it was great just to catch up on lost time.

I also proved, yet again, that there is NOTHING to do in Oklahoma City, especially on a Sunday. We could have gone to the Medieval Faire, but we didn’t have enough time. He had to fly back that afternoon, so we just hung out and had coffee and drove around for a few hours to reminisce and talk. It was a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, Gavin. I owe you a lot.

Bah Humbug
23.Nov.07, 14:15 pm
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Thanksgiving was fairly decent in and of itself. I took the kids to my aunt Margo’s house and we had a nice dinner with 5 generations of our family – 25 of our closest relatives. It was pretty good.

Unfortunately, my aunt and mother decided to plan Christmas dinner at the same time. Because my aunt and uncle are going to be out of town for the weekend just prior to Christmas, they want to have our family gathering on Saturday the 15th. I tried to tell them I would be out of town on that weekend, I already had plans made a month ago, and can’t change my tickets. They just looked at me like I was speaking Japanese, and kept planning. It has to be planned around everyone else’s schedules, but who gives a damn that I can’t make it? Not a one of them apparently. Thus reinforcing my belief that I’m officially the black sheep of our family.

I can’t go to STL the weekend before, because my mother will be graduating from Grad School on the 8th. I can’t go the week after because it’s the weekend before Christmas, which is when the entire rest of civilization will be having their family gatherings, like normal ppl. So my only option is to skip Christmas this year. Guess I’ll just have to hear about it from Dale and the kids.

Back to normal…
11.Nov.07, 20:23 pm
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Thankfully, everything has worked out.

Emotions run high in people, and where more people are involved in the conversation, but not all together, there comes confusion. Apparently, the confusion can dredge up other issues, but luckily, with time and discussion, they can be solved.

 Now the wait is on…..

Wishing and waiting…
9.Nov.07, 17:27 pm
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Note to self: Must learn to keep big mouth shut.

Sometimes what I think is just basic everyday conversation is apparently a touchy subject to others. Misunderstandings can occur… but I just don’t want one to ruin a great friendship with limitless possibilities.

I fly off at the mouth. If you know me, you know this. What started as a wonderful day full of fun and laughter has turned into tears. I just hope this can be worked out.

What hurts the most isn’t the argument, it’s feeling slapped in the face. If you care about someone, you argue and get it over with. You give up on those you don’t care about at all. I don’t want this to be a giving up situation. Yell, scream, get it out….. just don’t walk away.