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How could a parent do this?
27.Feb.08, 22:22 pm
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I met a guy on a single parents’ forum last fall who was a local here and we ended up meeting and having lunch. Come to find out he was looking for something I wasn’t and tried to play several of the girls in the forum against one another in the process, but that’s another story.

Apparently I dodged a bullet, literally. Tonight I was watching Men In Trees, and when it went off I caught the first ten minutes of the news and whose picture do they post, but Dustin’s. Apparently he went over the edge and killed his two children and then shot himself in a murder/suicide rampage. I would never have believed he could have been that kind of person, but I guess I didn’t know him at all.

What on earth could be bad enough to make a man kill his own children? How could any parent look their sweet child in the eye and take a gun to them? I understand he was stressed out over his recent divorce. It doesn’t matter how much you hate your ex, I don’t care what they did, you never hurt a child. You never use a child as a weapon against them. That mother now has to live the rest of her life without the children she gave birth to and loved with all her heart. What saddens me most is that I met the little boy. He was an adorable child, with a huge smile and big brown eyes that could melt your heart. To imagine the fear those children must have gone through when their father came after them with a gun is just mind blowing.

And to top it off, he had just come back from Iraq last summer. Now you’re going to hear about people attributing this to post-traumatic stress and all the like, but this is unforgivable. I’m sorry, I know there are horrors seen in the war that are atrocities to human life, but that is no excuse for killing your own innocent children.

I’m going to go hug my babies tight right now and tell them I love them. He should have done the same.


Early Warning Not Heeded
15.Aug.07, 12:43 pm
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I usually don’t post political statements in my blog, but this one just bowled me over. This is a video clip of an interview with Dick Cheney in 1994, telling why invading Iraq was a bad idea then and giving detailed predictions of what would have happened had we done it. He believed it to be a bad idea then, and yet here we are, and ALL of the predictions he made for the horrible outcome have come true. IF HE WAS AGAINST IT THEN, WHY DID HE STAND WITH BUSH TO INVADE THEM NOW??? THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING INTO AND KNEW THE CONSEQUENCES. And yet, we’re still stuck in their mess.

He admitted that none of the Arab forces who stood with America during the Kuwait crisis would stand with us for an invasion of Iraq. He admitted that if we went in there and took out Sadaam Hussein that there would be nothing to take the government’s place, it is a very volitile part of the world. He also admitted that with too many of the neighboring nations wanting pieces of Iraq, it would create instability in the sovreignty of the bordering nations. He also admitted that going after Sadaam Hussein was not worth the number of casualties that would result from the invasion. NOTHING HAD CHANGED IN THE 9 YEARS BETWEEN HIS STATEMENT AND THE INVASION OF IRAQ IN 2003. FOUR YEARS LATER, WE’RE SEEING HIS PREDICTIONS COME TRUE. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? He’s not a Vice President, he’s Nostradamus with a hunting problem.