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Bah Humbug
23.Nov.07, 14:15 pm
Filed under: Friends & Fam, Holidays

Thanksgiving was fairly decent in and of itself. I took the kids to my aunt Margo’s house and we had a nice dinner with 5 generations of our family – 25 of our closest relatives. It was pretty good.

Unfortunately, my aunt and mother decided to plan Christmas dinner at the same time. Because my aunt and uncle are going to be out of town for the weekend just prior to Christmas, they want to have our family gathering on Saturday the 15th. I tried to tell them I would be out of town on that weekend, I already had plans made a month ago, and can’t change my tickets. They just looked at me like I was speaking Japanese, and kept planning. It has to be planned around everyone else’s schedules, but who gives a damn that I can’t make it? Not a one of them apparently. Thus reinforcing my belief that I’m officially the black sheep of our family.

I can’t go to STL the weekend before, because my mother will be graduating from Grad School on the 8th. I can’t go the week after because it’s the weekend before Christmas, which is when the entire rest of civilization will be having their family gatherings, like normal ppl. So my only option is to skip Christmas this year. Guess I’ll just have to hear about it from Dale and the kids.


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